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How to fix “SearchAdministration.aspx webpage cannot be found. 404”


One of my colleague is having a wired issue today with Search Service Application in SharePoint2010.After he created the Search Service Application, he could not browse to the Search Administration (http://ybbest:5555/searchadministration.aspx?appid=6508b5cc-e19a-4bdc-89b3-05d984999e3c) ,he got 404 page not found every time he browse to the page.


After some basic trouble-shooting, it turns out we can browse to any other page in the search application ,e.g. Manage Content Sources(/_admin/search/listcontentsources.aspx) or Manage Crawl Rules(/_admin/search/managecrawlrules.aspx).After some more research , we think some of the web parts in the Search Administration page might cause the problem.


You need to activate a hidden feature using

#Enable-SPFeature SearchAdminWebParts -url <central admin URL>
Enable-SPFeature SearchAdminWebParts -url http://ybbest:5555

If the feature is already enabled, you need to disable the feature first and then enable it.

Disable-SPFeature SearchAdminWebParts -url http://ybbest:5555
Enable-SPFeature SearchAdminWebParts -url http://ybbest:5555


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