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Create a parameterized report using SSRS — Part1

In this post I will show you how to create a parameterized report using SSRS. I will be using the Northwind database and the report I am creating are Orders by ShipCountry.

1. First, open SQL Server management studio and create a stored procedure called GetCustomerOrdersbyShipCountry.

2. Open Visual Studio 2008 and create report project.

3. Create a new shared data sources called NorthwindDS , it will create the connection to the Northwind database.

4. Create a shared dataset using the stored procedure we created before.

5. Create a new report using the Report template (not the Report Wizard template)

6. Drag a table from the toolbox to the report area and it will prompt you a window to create a dataset for report. Create the dataset using the shared dataset.

7. Drag the fields from the dataset to the report columns.

8. If you could not find dataset you can find it from first clicking the report panel then go to View-Report data.

9. After that, you will see the report like the one below.

10. If you run the report you will see the parameter on the top of the report.

11. If you fill the parameter and run the report, you will see the report below.

You can download a complete solution here.

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