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How to fix the “Live INT automatically logs out”

Problem: Live INT environment automatically logs out

I am trying to setup the Authentication with Windows Live ID and followed this blog post ; I have a problem logging in to live INT web site. Whenever I try to log in (https://login.live-int.com/login.srf  this is the internal Live environment to be used in a dev. environment.), after entering valid email/password I get redirected to the logout page. I tried 2 different accounts (one with existing email address, and other one with newly created @hotmail-int.com address) and 3 different browsers so I’m sure that neither account nor the browser are the cause of this. I also tried to enter wrong password, and in that case I get the message that the password is wrong.

Solution: All you need is the unique ID in order to add the user to SharePoint , you can get the ID without logging into the Live INT environment.

I think the Live internal environment is not working correctly for some reasons , the reason I need to login to the Live internal environment is that I need to get the unique ID for the test account so that I can add the user to SharePoint. All the blogs I have come across require you to login in order to get the unique ID. However, I figured out another way of getting the unique ID without logging in. Steps are below:

  1. Register a new test account in the Live internal environment.
  2. Go to the SharePoint site collection that has  Live ID authentication enabled and select the LiveID INT(it will be different as you could name it differently when you set up the authentication provider) from the dropdown.

  3. Try login using the Internal Live account, you will get an Access Denied Error as below showing your  unique ID for the test account. Add that account to your SharePoint Group, boom, it works. 🙂 I hope it will help anyone who needs to do this stuff in the future.

  1. Manfred
    October 20, 2011 at 6:50 am

    Thx a lot, i was searching a while since i found your blog post.

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