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Configure SSRS with SharePoint2010

In this post, I will show you how to configure SSRS with SharePoint2010.Overall, there are three steps. Firstly, you need to install SSRS in a SharePoint integrated mode and create SharePoint-integrated Report database. Secondly, you need to install SSRS Add-in; it should be installed as part of the prerequisites before installing SharePoint server. Finally, configure the SSRS integration in SharePoint Central Admin (CA). The detailed steps are as follow.

1. Go to CA àGeneral Application Settings and if you have seen the Reporting Services as below, it means you have successfully installed the add-in.

2. I assume you have already installed SSRS using SharePoint integrated mode, if you have not, you need to install SSRS, however, you will not be able to select SharePoint integrated mode. What you need to do is to select “Install, but do not configure the report server” option to install SSRS and create SharePoint integrated Report database using SSRS Configuration manager. Your SSRS database configuration should look like below

3. Go to CA àGeneral Application Settings à Reporting Services Integration and fill in the information as below

4. After the process completes, you should be able to see the following messages below and now you are all setup to start create report in SharePoint2010.

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