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PowerShell for asp.net developer part 1

Power Shell is the new scripting language promoted by Microsoft. It has tremendous potential and as asp.net developer you can utilize it to complete some daily tasks.

To run PowerShell , you can key windows Key +R , type PowerShell

The PowerShell command will show up

You can add the IIS Snap-in using command Import-Module WebAdministration. However , it might throw exception below.


You need to restart your PowerShell under administrator and run the command SET-EXECUTIONPOLICY remoteSigned and then Import-Module WebAdministration.

(You can check TechNet page for details) You can test the setup by running Get-Website, this command will retrieve all the web sites from IIS.

To create web site under IIS , you can use the command New-Website. You can type Get-Help New-Website to see all the parameters.


Now we create web site called mystie by running command

First , you need to create a folder

New-Item $env:systemdrive\inetpub\MyNewWebSite -type directory

Then create the site this folder directory as the website physical path

New-Website -name “MyNewWebSite” -PhysicalPath “$env:systemdrive\inetpub\MyNewWebSite” -port 8888


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